pink palace transforms to boutique

love notes
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tonight’s TranquiliT trunk show at chez moi was such fun. i love to see people happy and comfy in their new sustainable style pieces. to the left is a photo of the lovely crystal, arway, and christy helping get the “boutique” set up for retail therapy. note chubby kitty bonnard in the far left corner with his back to the camera. if you didn’t get to take advantage of the 25% off your ENTIRE order at today, we’re going to keep the HAUTE code valid through friday. happy shopping!

above is also a photo of my lovely miami girlfriend and her fabulous kitty purse. i teased her about it so she broke out a vintage denim chanel bag but decided it wasn’t as comfy as her kitty bag. can you stand it? i raved about it all weekend!

finally, there is louis looking dapper while hanging out on my kitchen table. i know, that’s not where dogs belong but he seems so happy there!

extreme gratitude: two lovely shoppers gave me cards tonight with a combination of $700 to tranquil space foundation. i was floored. how incredibly generous and thoughtful! i still haven’t gotten used to receiving funds like this simply to support doing work that i (and an amazing steering committee + board) love doing. i know it is how non-profits survive but it’s such a new concept! thank you, thank you, thank you. you know who you are!