sassy sadhana teleclass + good news!

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fresh back from a free class at the foundation center and about to dash off for another round of meetings but wanted to share the following:

1. the tranquil space foundation received its 501c3 status from the IRS. woo-hoo. we’re now official and i’m so excited about the future of this organization.

2. if you haven’t yet signed up for the sassy sadhana (spiritual practice) teleclass on wednesday, july 25 from 8:30-9:30pm ET, please join us here. this one-hour le chic teleclass chat is focused on designing a sassy sadhana (spiritual practice) with your journal, cup of tea, and pen in hand. you will learn the eight petals of a hip tranquil chick’s spiritual practice, small ways to make a BIG difference in your daily live, and how to bring the yamas and niyamas to life.

pre-teleclass omwork and all the scoop will be sent out next week! fee is a $10 donation to the tranquil space foundation.

3. finally, in anticipation of our 100th podcast episode, i’ve received a fun idea from a fellow listener. she suggested i get interviewed and i’ve found the perfect hip tranquil chick who is willing to do so. if you have any particular questions that you’d like answered (relating to the hip tranquil chick lifestyle, my background, etc.), please pass them along to for consideration. our fun celebration is less than 10 weeks away. thank YOU for joining me for 90 episodes thus far!