slumber and more slumber

love notes
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as many of you know, i think sleep is the most *divine* thing out there – next to yoga, style, and do-gooding, that is. however, as of late i cannot get enough of it – even after 10 hours of it. i still want more. hmmm. maybe it is the change of weather. maybe the time change. are you experiencing the same thing? in case you are, i wanted to provide some suggestions for a decadent slumber:
– earplugs
– eyepillow
– furry 4-legged friend
– oodles of pillows
– soft, soft sheets
– pen/paper near beadside for middle of the night thoughts
– journal/pen to capture your early morning or before bed musings
– inspiring books (i’m surrounded by ’em and keep hoping that they will sink in through osmosis)
– bedside lamp for late night reading
– h2o (preferably with a slice of lemon)
– down blankets
additional touches:
– douse yourself in a sesame oil and let your skin soak up the benefits all night
– use a soothing alarm to wake up to vs. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP (boo!)
– pillow spray
– lip balm
– small fan for white noise and air movement
seriously, i feel like the princess and the pea but . . . slumbering is tres important! wishing you a joyful night of zzzzzzs. xoxo