slumbering bliss

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considering my on-the-go lifestyle, i’m very serious about my sleep. at least 8 hours (preferably 9-10) is a must. if it looks like it may not happen due to my bad habit of staying up way past my bedtime to handle that one more thing, i begin to panic and proclaim, “i must fall asleep within 2.5 minutes to get my full 8 hours.” then i quickly don my eyepillow, insert ear plugs, strategically place my pillows (i sleep with 10 . . . seriously), ensure a cup of water nearby, and curl up for slumbering bliss.

in hip tranquil chick (p. 137) i outline my top 6 savvy sleeping tips:
1. invest in earplugs – great for travel
2. indulge in an eyepillow – i use one with a band to stay securely fastened during my sleeping
3. put on a soothing cd – j’adore sounds of rain and waterfalls
4. drink of plenty of water – stay hydrated
5. spray the pillow – lavender is helpful
6. apply lip gloss – keep your face and lips moisturized (i love almond oil)

one additional helpful hint: have pen and paper nearby to capture middle of the night ideas and random to-dos that come to mind. this will get them out of your head and onto paper so you can slumber with a clear mind.

may your sleep be full of tranquility.