spring cleaning: handbag

love notes
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 1. contents of my purse spilled onto table
2. voilà, organized and reshuffled contents in spring straw handbag

my, oh my. why do we carry the world in our bags?
when i dumped the contents of my beloved, well worn 4.5-year old anna corinna city tote (love!), i found items i’ve been toting since india. seriously!

i mean, i don’t need an assortment of bindhis for everyday city living. or 2 burt’s bees lip balms. or 2 red lipsticks. or 2 noir eyeliners. or 2 pair of armwarmers. or paint chips for art journaling. or multiple mini parfums. these are not everyday necessities (at least not in doubles . . . or triples).

my bag is feeling lighter, fresh, and well-organized
(especially now that i have no pockets to hide things in).

handbags are good metaphors for life.
what are you carrying around that you no longer need?
can you let it go to make space for something new?
are there things in your life simply taking up space and providing no benefit?
what begs for space and reorganizing?
let the spring cleaning begin.

bisous. x