sugar + champagne + tranquilista

love notes
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tonight’s benefit event for washington humane society was true treat for the whole family.

cupcakes, cotton candy (my personal fave – although it was only me and young boys toting it around), and macaroons all washed down with bubbly. truly dreamy.

poor louis is snoring like an old man. sheer exhaustion from the experience. i had to soak in an avobath bomb-infused tub once home to regroup after all the stimulation: dogs, chatter, cameras, sweets, bubbly. overwhelming for an introvert who craves silence and needs grounding food (coupled with cupcakes, of course).

yesterday i was on channel 8 sharing tips for tranquility. fun interview and love chatting up the great work of tranquil space foundation. regret not focusing on *everyday ways to indulge in tranquility* rather than sharing my recent trips and jaunt to paris last fall. getting away is no easy feat for many people so i wish i’d focused on simple pleasures: hot baths, tea, walks in the woods, fresh sheets, snail mail, candles. the retreats and paris came first to mind as i was so proud of myself for indulging in the time away thanks to a retreater last year asking during a retreat, “do you take retreats, too?” it was like a permission slip to do so. and indeed i did! hope you enjoy the clip. i welcome feedback as it was my first public discussion of tranquilista.

today i had three phone interviews about the book. look for it in the washington post express on a tuesday over the next few weeks. i was also on a fun show called breakthru muse which you may enjoy. will be sure to share the clip once passed along.

merci X100 for all the kind feedback on tranquilista. i’m super duper honored that it is resonating with you. if you have a moment, i’d be so grateful for a review on amazon. a *BIG* thanks to the four ladies who have already written one.

i received feedback that there has been a lot of background noise lately on the podcasts. my sincerest apologies. i have a noisy pug and live in a tiny home with many creatures so i’m sorry to hear that has been distracting. i’ll do my best to remedy that moving forward.

i have an amazing cast of podcast interviews lined up this spring – including our oh-so-talented guest bloggers. woo-hoo. today i interviewed the co-founder of numi tea. super inspiring. violette, author of journal bliss, and sarah susanka, author of the not so big life/house, are forthcoming.

hope you are loving the guest bloggers, podcasts, and vidcasts. if you have any suggestions or requests for tranquility du jour, please pass them along.

thank you for your ongoing support.