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1. pairing a fave tee (i heart pigs) with a vintage ball gown skirt at this weekend’s 
taking action for animals conference banquet
image courtesy of farm sanctuary
2. learn more about julia and her 16 sweet piglets
 3. heard kathy speak this weekend and loved her accessible message
 4. spending time with animals at sanctuaries
 5. meatless monday efforts
while taking heaps of notes during this weekend’s humane society of the united states’ taking action for animals conference, i had a light bulb moment. turn monday’s things i love into tips, tricks, and recipes for meatless mondays
why? i heart alliterations and flexitarians (those who eat less meat are 16% of population) are making a bigger impact on the decrease in meat consumption than vegans/vegetarians (5% of the population), according to data presented by farm animal speakers. and, it will encourage me to do (gasp!) some cooking or as vegucated rock star marisa miller wolfson noted in our podcast “assembling.” 
AND, it will be fun to show ideas on how you can affect the lives of other beings without having to make massive changes. never fear, things i love will still be a feature, and it will move to tuesdays because, well, i heart alliterations. 
have i mentioned i heart alliterations? happy monday, all. 
bisous. x