tips o’ tranquility

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bonjour rainy, chilly day!

i’ve sat down to write soo many times this week and have been lured away by more deadlines than i care to admit. why do i insist on overscheduling and overcommiting? hmm, one to ponder . . . when i have more time!

today i’m playing catch up and trying to regain composure surrounded by stacks of paper, sequin beanies (my latest obsession), and school books at my home “office” (aka kitchen table). here’s how:

1. review planner pad must-dos. highlight time sensitive ones.
2. place paperwork into categories: financial docs, shipping docs, idea docs, need a home docs
3. review upcoming weeks and adjust scheduling to avoid a similar snafu (best for mind/body synergy)
4. infuse fun. i set up my tranquilista fan page, worked with designer on new TranquiliT cards, made red lavender tea, and lit many candles.
5. think BIG picture. yes there are oodles of to-dos but what is really important/pressing/leading me toward future goals? gotta stay connected to this.
6. go through e-mail and handle backlog while listening to jazz tunes.

j’adore this photo. it’s from my set up last friday for green fest. note the sparkly letters for TranquiliT, my pink phone, pink tea mug, planner pad, and new damask frame. many of my favorite things.

stay tranquil despite rain and chill: meditate by a fire. sip hot cocoa w/ marshmallows. do 10 sun salutations. soak in a bubble bath. write in your journal. read an inspiring book. pick up women, work, and the art of savoir faire (went to her book launch in nyc on tuesday – love her accent). honor lower energy levels. curl up in bed for a nap. find tranquility within.