tranquiliT debut in nyc

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in the lobby of a hotel in nyc touching base with reality via e-mail (and just HAD to post). i’m here showing the tranquiliT line at the omega conference that is hosting some amazingly inspring speakers and authors (along with many singing bowl vendors). ommmmmmmmmmmmmm.

wanted to share a peek into my first tradeshow presenting the line to the public (outside of the fabulous online and studio tranquiliT boutique). this is a culmination of over a year’s worth of designing, 4 months of searching for the right manufacturer in nyc (still in process), choosing the perfect fabrics and colors, creating the manifesto, sharing the inspiration behind the line (tired of running around town in leggings & tranquiliT Ts), and staying true to the roots of tranquil space’s charity community value.

enjoy the photos and look for an upcoming post on the various steps involved in getting to this point. i hope to encourage others to follow their dreams and tap into their own creativity.