tranquility du jour tv: designing 2010 planner pads

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bonjour from snowy oklahoma. we’re forgoing this week’s podcast to share another episode of tranquility du jour tv with jlo and moi sharing a sneak peek inside our beloved planner pads and offering up some tips on how to make the most of yours. considering many of you are gearing up for 2010 and getting your new planners in order, i thought this would be a timely episode to help guide your new year’s intentions. get out your colored pens, glitter glue, ribbon, magazines, packing tape, and scissors. wishing you a well-organized and inspired set up for your 2010 dreams.

p.s. i received an e-mail asking what categories i use at the top of my planner pad so i wanted to share with all. i list my four organizations across the top: TS (for tranquil space – yoga studios), HTV (for hip tranquil ventures – social media + writing), TT (for TranquiliT – clothing line), and TSF (non-profit). on the right hand side i have KW for personal and school to-dos such as “schedule mani + massage,” “register for spring semester,” “clean out closet.” you know, the personal to-dos that keep you going! those are my main categories. i’ll also use the right side for meeting agendas so i’m sure to cover all relevant points. hope this helps. happy planning. xo