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scene from filming: fireplace, art basket, planner pad, art journal, heaps of books
welcome to our biweekly vlog on the tranquility lifestyle. tonight’s episode is my end of year review through my planner pad and art journal. here are a few tips to help tie a bow around 2010:
review your 2010 calendar. what were the highlights? what lessons did you learn? what new things did you try? what did you want to try but didn’t? what are you proud of? who did you spend your time with? what was a theme that emerged for you this year? can you capture this in your journal? maybe even tear out your calendar pages and insert them into your journal. paint over them with watercolor. insert images that express how you felt at certain times during the year. or note your highlights over pages from a favorite magazine with a black sharpie. begin with january and work through today.
take your time. let this be an artist date. embrace who you have been in 2010. let’s make room for who you are becoming in 2011. creating with you, bisous.