tranquility du jour tv: harmonium lessons

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bonsoir from rainy, gray paris. c’est le vie. i indulged in a mid-afternoon nap so i’m tres content.
my dear friend jennifer “magen-dance” (she helped me phonetically learn her name since i couldn’t grasp it despite adoring her since our meeting at the jiva training circa 2007) and i planned to get harmoniums during my last trip to montreal november 2007. we weren’t able to locate them at that time so each picked them up separately since our last reunion.
when i was back at her *darling* studio teaching 2 weeks ago, she whipped her harmonium out for the friday noon class and did my fave lokah samasta sukino bhavantu. was super impressed. i’ve only had two lessons on mine and keep forgetting everything. um, i think it’s because you are supposed to P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E.
anyway, i asked jenn for a private session and wanted beau to capture it so i could use the video as a tutorial. yay! before we know it he’s like, “let’s use this for our next video!” so here it is.
caveat: i’m not a great singer (it’s ok, i’m totally self-aware of my tone deafness) but jenn is a *most patient* teacher. if you’re in montreal, check out her delightful studio (equally hard to pronounce) full of amazing yogis and her newly launched blog. and you may just see her rock star beau, jason kent, at the reception. check out his fab music that we’ve used on a few podcasts and videos.
merci beaucoup, jenn. you rock and we miss you both – especially the fancy felines.