Summer to Fall Style

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Last week we had 80-degree weather in DC so I shed layers and wore open-toed clogs. Yesterday morning I walked the pups in 40 degrees and bundled in layers from head to toe. This time of the year can leave our bodies in a state of confusion.

I used to have a summer and winter wardrobe where I would rotate heavy sweaters with sleeveless tops. Now I live in layers of TranquiliT year-round and have a small section in the back of my closet for my seasonal faux fur and faux leather jackets. No more rotating needed as nothing else is season-dependent.

During our fall Tranquility du Jour Live session, I shared tips on creating your own transitional style to help lengthen the wearability of your favorite pieces.

Here are a few of the ways I make my wardrobe year-round:

  1. Add tights, boots, and an organic fleece infinity scarf to a summer dress {see above with the shift dress}
  2. Add a turtleneck under your summer dress {see above with the slip dress, ruffle dress and 2in1 maxi dress}
  3. Add a chunky sweater over your sleeveless maxi dress
  4. Add tights, boots, and an organic fleece infinity scarf to a short skirt
  5. Add tights, boots, and an organic fleece infinity scarf to a pair of shorts
  6. Add a long sleeve top over your slip dress
  7. Add heavy tights with your peep toe shoes and wear them into winter
  8. Grab your beanie, arm warmers, and scarf or capelet when leaving the house for the day

Year-round I keep arm warmers in my bag since I’m sensitive to overly air-conditioned environments. In fall and winter, I keep arm warmers and a beanie in my bag and am seldom without a scarf around my neck. The fleece scarf is so cozy, and comforting—it feels like a security blanket.

Sure it can be fun to update a wardrobe from time to time, but I’ve found that dressing in the monochromatic layers of a capsule wardrobe makes my mornings {and travel} much easier. More layers in winter, less in summer. All black. Add pops of flair with shoes, coats, and red lips. Voilà, shifting seasons made easy via transitional style! Bisous. x