vintage + reclaimed = nostalgia

love notes
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here are a few shots highlighting today’s afternoon artist date with sir louis the pug in tow. i picked up a pile of slips from 1950s-1980s for TranquiliT’s new vintage/reclaimed page coupled with the cutest milk glass dish ($3) for chez moi. j’adore milk glass. absolutely beautiful. 
when i stepped into this darling store, retrodini, in the heart of berkeley springs, wv, i knew i was in for a treat. the first thing that caught my eye was the rack of vintage aprons. despite my inability to cook, i LOVE these aprons – crochet, tulle, satin, organdy, lace. undeniably gorgeous and oh-so-feminine. 
my passion of secondhand has been with me for decades, but my new-found love of vintage is taking me down a path of nostalgia and connection to such beautifully crafted pieces. i’m truly in love.
and to top it off, tomorrow i get to go deliver 8 bags of animal crackers to the beloved pig sanctuary
happy saturday.
bisous. x