wednesday is the new tuesday

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change is in the air.

i announced to my beloved tuesday night crew that i’d be sans tuesday for the next year due to graduate school. my, oh my. what a BIG change in my lifestyle. i’ve been teaching tuesday nights since i started the studio in my living room in 1999. 11 years of patterning. soon i’ll be moving to wednesdays and taking classes tuesday nights.

one of my longtime students (who i always try to convince to stay for both classes) said to me, “think wednesday is the new tuesday.” i loved it. told him i was stealing this as my new mantra.

with so much change transpiring at the moment in my own life (school + injuries), i thought this was perfect to ponder. on monday while en route to school, i tweeted the mantra above “ponder what seeds you’re planting, what needs watering, and what needs weeding.” sarah, a darling yogini and twitter follower, turned the tweet into the above graphic and passed it along. love it.

so, i beckon you to ponder the same:

1. what seeds are you currently planting?
moi: education/professional development

2. what needs watering?
moi: personal relationships, down time, crafty/creative time, studying time

3. what needs weeding?
moi: clutter – mental and physical

would love to hear how your garden grows.