week in review from vegas

love notes
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bonjour from vegas and happy, happy halloween!

mea culpa for the delayed posting. just getting online after a whirlwind adventure out here that had us up and off to the airport saturday morning after 3.5 hours of sleep. needless to say, yesterday was a bit of a nap-infused blur and we’re taking a quick break from our time with friends to connect. above are photos from our sunday afternoon drive through red rock canyon and the lower photos are of us enjoying a cigar at ceasar’s palace after the divine cirque show at the mirage (love with beatles music).

it’s been a total treat to reunite with dear friends, take a breather from our fast-paced life, and savor the mOMent! this week’s tranquility du jour tv may not go up for a day or two as le beau still needs to produce it. will be worth the wait. promise!

week in review:
18 hours of showcasing TranquiliT at greenfestival
one evening at the gym
one yoga class (hit the mat before approval . . . had to do it – mind + body needed it!)
teacher check-ins
hair cut
taught yoga + hip yoga yoga workshop
oodles of bill paying. le sigh.
sent in 1% for the planet agreement for TranquiliT
hosted 24-hour TranquiliT sale
sent merci beaucoup to the tranquility project participants
3 assignments for school
eve meetings over gnocchi + bellini + next night over bruschetta + bubbly
packed for vegas

wishing each of you a delightful holiday full of treats, surprises, and child-like enthusiasm. xx