TDJ Live Gratitude, Replay + Giveaway

Thank you for joining last night’s Tranquility du Jour Live.

GRATITUDE: I SO appreciate you tuning in from Japan, France, Canada, Panama, and across the US to reflect, set intentions, and consider small shifts. WHAT a fun group we had and such a lovely way to launch this new year together. It was an honor, as always, to host you.

GIVEAWAY: All these gorgeous images were spotted online with #TDJLive, thank you for posting your creativity! During the event I announced a giveaway of my new book. The winner was chosen randomly using a number generator and the winner is . . . Robin Charlene, Instagram @robincharlene. Congrats, Robin! Please reach out with your  snail mail address and I’ll get a signed copy of Year of Tranquility out to you.

If you have an image, takeaway, next step, or ripple effects from our experience, please share. I love hearing how these events impact you!

REPLAY: If you missed us live or want to rewatch the gathering, the one-hour video recording will be available TONIGHT and is now available for pre-sale. A portion of all Tranquility du Jour sales benefit Pigs & Pugs Project.

SAVE THE DATE: Our next TDJ Live is Sunday, March 24.

May you find nourishment, ease, and tranquility this year. And beyond. Bisous. x


  1. Joyce says:

    Bonjour Kimberly
    Sorry to have missed out on the TDJlive , living in Sydney Australia meant that was a Monday during the day for me, hence at work. Would have loved to have joined in live. I will try and catch up on the replay.
    Is it possible to have the TDJlive on a Saturday?

    Thank you


    • Kimberly Wilson says:

      We missed you, Joyce! Ah, it’s so hard to find the perfect day and time for everyone. I’ve found that Sunday evenings seems to work well for many and I’ll definitely keep Saturday in mind. x

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