Each morning I reach for the same two pieces: 2in1 fitted TranquiliT top (I must have eight) and TranquiliT capri leggings (probably sixish of these).

My days consist of dog walking (one to two hours’ worth), a movement class (yoga, ballet, or barre), sitting with therapy clients, or working from home. To dress for such varied activities, I LIVE in my “uniform.”

DC weather has been nearly 70 some days and in the 20s others, so I add lots of layers to my uniform, as needed. Yet my base coat, so to speak, is only those two staples year-round.

For the warmer winter days, I’m donning over the knee socks to slip into pink clog sandals at the office. This turns a basic black ensemble designed for yoga class into a dressed up look with the addition of a thrifted vintage skirt (as shown above).

Considering we’re estimated to wear only 20% of what’s in our closet (whhhaaattt???) and our decision making gets fatigued as the day goes on, why not make the morning as smooth as possible?!

Think capsule wardrobe—those staples that will easily mix and match and dress up or down. Check out p. 84 in Year of Tranquility for a step-by-step guide on creating your own.

In the interim, maybe a pair of over the knee socks is just what you need to take that yoga outfit into a creative work environment?! Bisous. x