Tranquility du jour TV: Farm Sanctuary

as you know, i’m obsessed with animals – particularly pigs. i was over the moon to hear there were 2 piglets on the property – kim and bob. kim rubbed her muddy snout all over moi and bob was obsessed with beau’s shoelaces. go figure.

beau snapped this video while we were walking through the fields of the farm sanctuary with the lovely tara looking for our sponsored rooster, goat, pig, turkey, bunny, sheep, and more.

enjoy and please consider learning more about their great work!

p.s. here is more information on the woes of factory farming. le sigh. be sure to watch food, inc, too. so much to learn!


  1. moi says:

    What visit to the Farm Sanctuary would be complete without toting your purse? It’s sort of a hike, right?

    Anyway, I think animals are too intelligent for us to eat. Especially pigs.

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