30 Days of Tranquility Challenge

love notes
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Bon weekend, love!

As we round the corner into a brand new month, I encourage you to spend time reviewing January and setting your February dreams. I’ll be doing the same, along with sharing the February book club pick and my Month in Review tomorrow.

Until then, do you know what write a love letter, apologize, go on an Artist Date, read for 20 minutes, get out in nature, and take a digital day off all have in common?

They’re each part of the 30 Days of Tranquility challenge found in the Daybook and Year of Tranquility!

Last week, I received this image and note from Courtney R.:

I finished just last night! It was great to challenge myself to do so much in one month.

Consider infusing February with 30 simple pleasures and participating in your own 30 days of Tranquility challenge.

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Let me know how it goes! Bisous. x

PS Final two days to join the TDJ Passholder Collective. Doors close tomorrow night until December and would love to have you with us!