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May in Review


May in Review

Welcome to June! I hope you’re able to carve out a few minutes over the next day or two to pen your June dreams and do your May review. Here’s the digital version of mine:

Took 10 yoga classes and one ballet class, read two books, sang along to Garth Brooks, fell in love with Midland {they opened for Garth}, saw Wild Nights with Emily, ordered a DC library card, practiced hand lettering with friends, completed and released the Daybook, collaborated with clients, didn’t get my decluttering done {sigh}, created the TDJ Soirée Welcome Guide for guests, had the most adorable puppy come to a therapy session {diagnosed him as incurably adorable} attended a Pug Takeover event in Baltimore and met Hamilton, joined The Wing {color-coded library featured above}, savored a five-hour Mother’s Day brunch with girlfriends {yummy spread above}, enjoyed a six-hour happy hour with neighbors, had a wonderful weekend in Pittsburgh with friends, had another gum surgery {ugh, numbing gel featured above}, Pops adopted the sweetest little kitten {see above}, spotted the pups kissing and holding hands {see above}, spent three days in the forest with Tim and the pups, booked a flight and Airbnb in Paris for late summer, survived two weeks of solo parenting, enjoyed tea dates with girlfriends, toted Gizmo in a sling to help quiet his sundowner syndrome, donated micro-grants through Pigs & Pugs Project, got a cortisone shot in my shoulder {ouch}, took a Bed Day, got an eye exam and annual physical {still too much darn iron in my blood?!}, hair cut/color, savored many vegan cupcakes at Sprinkles.

Analog version coming next complete with washi tape, a glue stick, a Sharpie, and images from Bella Grace.

I wish you space to exhale, sip iced green tea, reflect on the first half of 2019 {where did it go?!}, consider the second half of 2019, love who you are, and love who you are becoming. You’re beautiful. Bisous. x

June Dreams

Co-host an AMAZING Yoga + the Animals
Finalize prep and host a magical TDJ Soirée
Host mama for 10 days
Visit the baby apes at the zoo {while I don’t support captive animals, I do support the zoo’s conservation efforts}
Take in Jazz in the Garden
See the women’s suffrage exhibit at the National Archives
Collaborate with clients
See A Doll’s House, Part 2
Host inspiring TDJ Live on June 23
Take a two-day ballet intensive
Savor 46th birthday on June 30 {woo-hoo!}
Release all the Daybook bonuses
Teach in the Yoga and Meditation Virtual Summit June 15th & 16th {FREE: sign up here}
Plant flower garden

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April in Review

April in Review

Whew, well hello there, May! You’ve brought peonies and, for that, I’m incredibly grateful.

Last month was solid. I read books, wrote blog posts, released podcast episodes, hit four bookstores on Independent Bookstore Day, returned to yoga classes, took multiple ballet classes, enjoyed tea dates with friends, finalized the spring/summer TranquiliT lookbook, hit a beach in Cape May, reconnected with old friends, took Gizmo to the oncologist for a checkup, co-hosted Pigs, Pugs, and Peonies and raised $1299 for Life with Pigs Farm Sanctuary and Homeward Bound Pug Rescue, picked up apple blossoms at the farmers’ market, finished a veterinary social work module, donated my vintage camper, Miss Lillie, to charity, filed taxes (bleh), picked up impatiens, sweet potato vines, and a compost bin for the garden, and recorded new podcast interviews and YouTube videos.

As I look toward May and this summer, there’s lots of adventures ahead—another Garth Brooks concert, the Daybook release, glamping in the woods, Yoga + the Animals, TDJ Soiree, a Pignic at Farm Sanctuary, Tranquility in Tuscany, and a Tony Bennett concert. In addition to these experiences, I’ve set aside equal amounts of space for reflection, reading at home, and learning.

I’m finally finding that sweet spot between being and doing after unraveling old patterns and embracing new ones. Ah, life is nothing if not a continual growth opportunity, right?!

Wishing you a month of peonies, picnics, and process. Bisous. x

May Dreams

Declutter and donate 10 bags of items
Take 8 yoga and 4 ballet classes
Complete Daybook and announce launch
Have 30 guests at Yoga + the Animals
Sell-out TDJ Soiree [8 tickets left!] Savor campfires and stars during Memorial Day weekend
Sing along to Garth Brooks in Pittsburgh
Plant impatiens and sweet potato vines
See friend in film Wild Nights with Emily
Improve hand lettering practice
Collaborate with clients
Read two books
Long walks with pups

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Month in Review

March in Review

Looking through these photos, I was surprised to see that March was filled with such varied adventures. Isn’t that often the case when you review a larger chunk versus a few days? I’m like, “Wow, what a month!”

March included taking in Washington Ballet’s “Sleeping Beauty” performance, attending four days of a therapy conference, hosting the Online Book Launch Fete and Spring TDJ Live, playing in Colorado, taking a hand lettering class (why is it so hard?), collaborating with clients, taking 9 ballet classes, releasing 4 podcasts and 3 love notes, reading Lightly and Girl, Stop Apologizing, releasing the spring TranquiliT collection, hiring a consultant to deepen my client work, seeing Gretchen Rubin discuss her new book Outer Order, Inner Calm, singing along at a Krishna Das kirtan, creating three new TranquiliT videos, savoring a weekend in West Virginia, making Pigs & Pugs Project micro-grants, finding a charity for our camper, Miss Lillie, going on dozens of walks with the pups, chatting with my accountant in prep for taxes, releasing the TDJ Soiree tickets and finalizing all the details at Elizabeth’s.

On the plane back from Colorado I read through my March Dreams and was able to check nearly 70% of them off. Not too bad considering some are definitely more longer-term plans. Those have already been penned into April. And they may make it to May or beyond. It’s okay!

As I look at April’s overarching theme, I see a wish for shifts: to create more spaciousness in my schedule (less phone time) and in my home (more deep cleans/donations). It’s all a work in progress and taking the time monthly to pause, reflect, and dream helps keep me connected to the bigger picture.

If you haven’t done it yet, pull out your Year of Tranquility, planner, or journal and consider your April or spring dreams. I’m rooting for you! Bisous. x

April Dreams

Decrease daily phone usage to 1-2 hours
12 ballet classes
Strong showing at Pigs, Pugs & Pinot
Complete taxes
Finalize Daybook
Open up space at home
Finalize Spring/Summer TranquiliT Lookbook
Reorganize schedule for efficiency
Donate camper
Finish Veterinary Social Work module
Read two books
Release 2-4 podcasts and 2-4 Love Notes
Learn lots at continuing education classes

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