What I’m working on:
  • Healing my hip post-surgery
  • Returning to pointe
  • Coterie programming
  • Spring TDJ Balletcore Capsule (launches 4/1, save your spot here)
  • 2023 content calendar (podcasts, social media, Love Notes, blog posts)
  • Creating micro-courses (style, wellness, mindfulness, mental health, compassion, creativity)
  • My solo for the International Adult Ballet Festival (Prelude from Les Sylphides)
  • Writing my memoir after a slight shift of focus (hello, midlife!)
What I’m loving:
  • All things Harry Styles
  • Coterie, coaching, and therapy clients (and YOU, dear reader)
  • Seeing live ballets and jazz
  • Travel plans: Oklahoma, New York City, Paris, Miami, New Orleans, Borneo
  • Balletcore trend
  • Pink blooms starting in the city
What I’m consuming:
  • Handfuls of raw almonds & unsweetened dried cranberries
  • Arugula on everything (even pizza and frozen Amy’s meals)
  • Matcha lattes
  • Documentaries
  • So. Many. Books. (see below)
What I’m wearing:
  • My uniform, always my uniform
  • Layered thrifted finds over it (shown below)
  • A dab of Tranquillité parfum oil
  • Lug sole boots
  • Sparkly hair barrettes
What I’m feeling:
  • Where to begin? So. Many. Feelings. As mentioned in the 600th Podcast Soiree, it’s been a disorienting start to 2023.
  • I’m noticing grief after the swift loss of a dear family friend, exhaustion after an intense holiday “break” that left me depleted, and a sense of retreating from regular connections that bring me joy—all swirled with feeling behind on creative dreams.
  • Loss of support systems: my therapist of 9 years is retiring, our vet of 17 years has moved on, my Instagram helper is moving on.
  • Brain fog: left my suitcase at security during a recent trip. Never fear, I realized it five minutes later . . . but still!
  • Disappointment on my hip’s healing journey
  • Hopefulness and a joyful heart for the year ahead despite all of this. Truly.
What I’m grateful for:
  • Being home for Pops’ 80th birthday
  • 19 years with my partner, Tim
  • Heating pads and ice packs
  • Family
  • Portable pink ballet barres
  • Pink home and office spaces
  • Virtual ballet teachers
  • Your support of the 600th podcast
What I’m reading:
  • The Art of Rest by Claudia Hammond
  • How Are You, Really? by Jenna Kutcher
  • No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz
  • How to Calm Your Mind by Chris Bailey (podcast coming)
  • The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control by Katherine Morgan Schafller