Hello love! Monthly I do a review and also create my next month’s dreams. This reflection exercise allows me to stay accountable, review goals, celebrate, and note what needs adjustment. I duplicate this process in my Daybook, too, since I’m a paper lover!

You’ll also find an assortment of February’s photos plus a round up of all things TDJ this month and Savvy Sources I thought you’d enjoy. Bisous. x

February in Review

Get a lasting hip cortisone shot [ISH] Host fun TDJ Passholder Collective Pop-Up/Private Ballet Class/Co-Creating Session [DONE] Read four books [DONE] Smooth transitions [DONE] Daily salad [NOT QUITE] Send four Love Notes [SENT THREE] Release four podcasts [DONE] Plan virtual spring TDJ Style Brunch event [IN PROGRESS] Organize for tax season [DONE] Keep AM creative time sacred [MANY DAYS] Release new Tea with K video [STILL TO DO] Daily ballet and/or yoga [ALMOST] Collaborate with clients [DONE] Pen four blog posts [YES]

February Highlights

Sharing my ballet teacher with the TDJ Passholder Collective
Took an online Drink & Draw workshop with Mom
Kitty Jackson diagnosed with lymphoma
Enjoyed a virtual meditative piano concert from Paris
Pug Belle had all her teeth removed (last pic of fangs above)
Lots of pug cuddling (photo above)
Good mammogram news
Worked on memoir
Sent 75 glittery valentines via snail mail
Scheduled hip replacement surgery
Picked up many flower bouquets
Dined outside during a snowfall
Walked Gizzie in the snow
Hosted a pet loss support group
Took two continuing education workshops
Survived a second hip cortisone shot
Took 3 yoga classes
Lots of fireside time
Took 18 ballet classes (photo above)
Enjoyed Valentine’s partner yoga workshop (photo above)
Wrote eight essays for TDJ Passholder Collective
Consumed five boxes of Thin Mints (in 12 days! Thank God I’m out.)
Booked a farmhouse by the beach for a week in May
Coordinated another fun bonus event for TDJ Passholder Collective
Started tracking what I eat with the Lose It app

March Dreams

Prep & host inspiring events: TDJ Live, TDJ Style Pop-Up, TDJ Passholder Collective
Learn lots at a four-day Psychotherapy Conference
Collaborate with clients
Read four books
Pen four Love Notes
Release five podcasts
Savor spring blooms (they’re coming!)
Create a new Tea with K video
Daily yoga or ballet
AM creative time
Write five blog posts
Prep for April virtual retreat (join us!)
Work in ecourses
Eat more whole foods (less Thin Mints)

TDJ Round Up

February’s Book Club Pick
Nurture Connections
Everyday Mindfulness
A Uniform
Journal Writing
Podcast: #526 17 Years Together
Podcast: #527 Life is Practice
Podcast: #528 Creating a Uniform
Podcast: #529 Dear Paris

Savvy Sources

How to Make Any Apartment Brighter
Hitting Reset on Your Sugar Habit
6 Ways to Manage Covid Depression
How to Purify Your Space for Spring
How to Eat Vegan on a Budget
Recipe: Eczema Friendly Banana Bread
Norma Kamali’s Skin Care & Aging Secrets
The Ballerina Home Kit
How This Fashion Designer Gets Her Skin So Good
5 Reasons for Taking Ballet as an Adult
Pandemic Grief Could Become Its Own Health Crisis
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