Detox Diaries: Day Three

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Last night I biked through the DC streets en route home with one thing in mind: a cupcake. After 10 hours at my downtown office, I was eager to reward myself and the bakery closed in thirty minutes.

With visions of creamy vanilla icing and moist vanilla cake, my little legs pedaled quickly as the bike’s white light shone the way.

Finally home, I opened our front door and saw brown rice waiting for me on the counter. Wah-wah. Tim and I went back and forth as I rationalized a bakery excursion as a chance for a family walk and evening pug stroll.

The sad brown rice caught my eyes again as we put on our jackets. After ping ponging sugar vs detox in my head, I told him to go on without me and I’d eat the brown rice after all.

I crawled into bed around 10pm with a headache, woke up at 3am to nurse it, more Advil this morning, and a migraine pill this afternoon. I’m not sure if it’s my body missing sugar or something unrelated. Either way, I think there’s a cupcake in my not-so-distant future. Day four to come. Bisous. x

Breakfast was a green smoothie: spinach, frozen fruit, chia and flax seed, avocado.

Lunch was a vegan Chipotle burrito bowl.

Dinner was the rest of the Chipotle burrito bowl and a dish of brown rice topped with soy sauce.

While the soy sauce may have been a cheat, I played by the rules with everything else. Gold star!

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