Detox Diaries

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Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.—Michael Pollan

My first and last detox was in 2013. Yesterday I began my second one. It’s a 10-day program organized by a local nutrition and wellness coach.

The last attempt was semi-successful with only one big meltdown that may have included a jumbo slice of pizza from the joint around the corner. Said jumbo slice may have resulted in me getting sick after eating so pure for many days.

After celebrating my 13-year anniversary over a yummy vegan meal at Great Sage on Sunday, Tim and I headed to the grocery story next door to stock up on some essentials for the detox (that I’d somehow talked him in to joining).

We picked up brown rice, sunflower seeds, greens, cauliflower, miso, celery, ginger, walnuts, ground flaxseed, and chia seeds.

Here’s a taste of what we’re to exclude and include over the next 10 days:

No: animal protein (no problem!), dairy, corn, caffeine, alcohol, soda, fruit juice, sweeteners, bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, baked goods, vegetable oils, peanuts, processed foods.

Yes: unsweetened non-dairy yogurt, all veggies—especially dark leafy greens and non-starchy veggies, berries and citrus fruits, water, herbal tea, non-dairy milk, fruit/veggie smoothies, fresh dates for sweetening, whole gluten-free grains, beans, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, chia/flax/hemp seeds, fresh herbs and spices, seaweed, vinegar.

After many meetings and teaching a Mindfulness class at Tranquil Space last night, I was weak. I saw leftover Dove dark chocolates on my desk and couldn’t resist. One, two, three, and on wasn’t enough. Finally I ran out (thank goodness). On the way home I thought, “I’ve already failed day one, I might as well finish my pizza.”

Tim had roasted veggies and cooked brown rice for dinner. Yet, when I walked in the door and confessed about my Dove meltdown, he said, “Well, you might as well finish the pizza then!” I laughed, squeezed him tightly as I released my inner critic release, and said, “Exactly!”

Day one: Monday I had avocado toast for breakfast, Zen tea with one raw sugar packet, a spinach salad with avocado, tomato, sunflower seeds, and apple for lunch, 10 tiny Dove chocolates and two leftover pieces of pizza for dinner. Needless to say, it wasn’t a strong start. No bread, sugar, chocolate, or pizza is allowed. I rocked my lunch though!

Follow along here as I share my journey through this 10-day detox. And a journey it is. Bisous. x