tranquilosophy: bonjour november {studio muse}

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Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~ Melody Beattie

Welcome to November at Tranquil Space. A beautiful month of pumpkins, falling leaves, and expressing gratitude with loved ones. We’re gleefully gearing up for Yogi Appreciation Week, Thanksgiving charity classes, inspiring workshops, and more. Also, Tim and I will be returning from our two month Tranquility Tour mid-month and I look forward to offering weekly Monday and Thursday 8pm Yoga + Meditation yumminess in Dupont.

The past seven weeks have been an amazing 8,000-mile journey {see map below} spreading tranquility tools across North America detailed pictorially on my blog, Tranquility du Jour. From spending time with the animals at Farm Sanctuary to highlighting our experiences one month in to rekindling a romance with the Canadian Rockies to connecting with old and new friends, this experience has been magical. 

En route to last night’s Phoenix meetup, we took our first turn back east since our September 11 departure. Amarillo, Oklahoma {my home state}, Greensboro, and Richmond will follow and then we’ll point our vintage camper back toward D.C. 
During Saturday’s Tranquility Pop-Up in LA we were asked a great question about how to take an adventure if a cross-country tour isn’t in the plans. I loved the question and did my best to answer with Eleanor Roosevelt’s great quote, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I urge you to take Ms. Roosevelt’s advice and explore ways to step outside of your comfort zone daily. 

In yoga we encourage finding your edge by moving beyond the comfort zone and not to the point of pain to find that sweet spot. Same with life. Find that place where you feel slightly uncomfortable. Apply for a new position, read a book outside your go-to genre, say “yes!” even if you’re scared, learn a new skill, adopt a four-legged friend, take a Yoga 3 class, write that novel you’ve been pondering, move or travel cross-country, or try a new vegetarian recipe.

May November offer you time to move beyond your comfort zone one small step at a time. Wishing you tranquility, gratitude, and a deep sense of knowing you are perfect as you are. Thank you for supporting our 14 amazing years of serving tranquility. I can’t wait to practice with you at Tranquil Space again soon. Namaste.