tranquilosophy: embracing february

love notes
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image + recipe courtesy of sprouted kitchen
February is right around the corner. The past few weeks of frigid temps have left many feeling restless, gloomy, and craving spring. Over the years I’ve observed February to be a tough month for Washingtonians and want to remind you that this too shall pass. The holidays are over. The excitement of a new year fades. But before we know it the daffodils and cherry blossoms will be popping and the weather will warm. For now, it’s our opportunity to nestle in, keep moving, and seek grounding.

One way I’ve found to battle the blues of February is by refilling my well with self-care practices and new experiences. Ample sleep, lots of green juice, soaks in the tub, yoga, tea with friends, and time to read and write are my go-tos. In addition to these self-care practices, I’ve found new experiences, such as dance, help bring me back to that oh-so-humbling and inquisitive beginner’s mind. It’s a good idea to push your comfort zone by being a beginner from time to time.

How about you? What nourishes your spirit and helps bring about a pep in your step? We need (and deserve) these little pick-me-ups in the form of yellow tulips, an adopted kitten, or a love note to keep us fresh and inspired. 

As we move into this new month focused on love, what will you do to embrace that self-love? Consider hitting one of our many museums, curling up fireside with a good book, savoring a yin or restorative class, trying a new modality such as painting or photography, or simply getting eight hours of glorious sleep each night. You deserve it.
May February offer you a chance to nourish in preparation for March’s blooms. Oh, and don’t forget to craft your month’s dreams and share them on the Tranquility du Jour Facebook page. We’d love to be inspired by what inspires you. It’s contagious. Bisous. x