tranquilosophy: happy august

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welcome to august. last month was intense: a return from paris, jaunt to portland, tranquilologie to the printer, TranquiliT fall collection prep, a 10-day detox {of sorts}, saying goodbye to le beau for his 4-week bike trip, hosting a tranquil space teachers’ tea, and saying goodbye to my companion of nearly 15 years to name a few. whew! the above collage captures some of the sweet moments.

now, i’m ready for what’s next {especially after savoring a 90-minute deep tissue massage tonight}. my poor body literally aches from the grief, yoga, and funky joints. as i look at august and begin to pen my month’s goals, i’ve got two workshops this weekend at the studio, tranquility summer camp {2 spots left!} and victoria moran’s nyc vegan academy up my sleeve plus chariTea and tranquility tour prep. oh, and studying for my social work licensing exam! lots of juiciness around the corner. i’m ready. well, i will be ready after my massage.

one thing i’m learning as i prepare for the whirlwind of adventure that lies ahead this fall is to protect my need for white space. i do this by scheduling decompression time between appointments, classes, and calls. this helps ensure i can work at an optimal level while honoring my introversion and love for nesting. a tea date with a friend followed by down time at home. podcast interviews followed by time with my pets. teaching a class followed by a hot bath. i’ve craved this sort of balance for years and it’s fun to slowly be able to play with it and see how incredibly therapeutic it can be.

as you look ahead at what you’ve got planned for august, review it from an energetic perspective. is it a lot of output and not enough input? is it too much solo input time and not enough get-yourself-out-there experiences? it’s all about balance and everyone’s experience of balance is most unique. i encourage you to take a peek at your planner and see what needs to be added or subtracted for you to feel excited about this new month that lies ahead. and, in the meantime, schedule a massage or other form of sacred self-care. you deserve it. bisous. x