tranquilosophy: milestones {+ giveaway}

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we’ve come a long way, baby. 
a fave saying despite it being {unfortunately} aligned with a cigarette ad campaign. i mean, we *have* come a long way. on many levels. 
it can be hard to remember this as we go about our daily routines dealing with the monotony of commutes, laundry, grocery shopping, and teeth cleaning. you know, the not-so-sexy stuff. 
while getting my brows waxed recently, my waxing extraordinaire said that i hadn’t changed at all in our ten years together. while i appreciate the sentiment, she sees me once every other month and changes are often, well, subtle. ten pounds come, five pounds go. hair has long pink highlights, hair is short brown bob. loved ones die, a kitten is adopted. and on and on.
change is like watching your hair grow.  
it’s slow, tedious, and sometimes has that awkward growing out phase. complete with bobby pins.
for the past many years i’ve been keeping a tranquility timeline where i note various highlights and evolutions. there are so many shifts on a daily basis, yet often it can feel as if we haven’t changed at all.
i have. you have. note the milestones. they deserve attention.
in honor of the past 10 years of blogging, i’m pulling together a blog anthology. although i haven’t seen this done, it feels like a beautiful way to honor our evolution together since 2004.
since last summer i’ve worked with a dear soul {thanks jen!} to tag the nearly 3000 blog posts, le beau to pull together the most loved posts on specific topics, and now with another dear soul {thanks carol!} to curate and edit. 
next will be adding *new* inspiration {20% more}, aligning photos with posts, and turning it over to my designer to pretty up. 
as i work to infuse this project with as much love and intention as possible,  
i’m asking for your input
* do you have a favorite post that must be included? {there’s a search button in the upper right corner and categories on the left to help} 
* is there something that would help bring clarity to your reading of tranquility du jour
* is there something you wish you knew or understood better that i muse upon here? 
let moi know either in the comments below or via email
to join the giveaway, all who leave comments below *by tuesday, may 27 midnight* will be entered to win one of the few remaining softcover tranquility du jour daybooks and a TranquiliT treat. 
the winner will be chosen randomly and announced on wednesday, may 28 around noon costa rica time {while eating papaya and sipping coconut water . . . from a true coconut}.
i’m looking forward to honoring this milestone together as a community and greatly appreciate your input. 
merci beaucoup for reading and resonating with the ongoing pursuit of tranquility. it’s a journey. and we have come a long way, baby. bisous. x