tranquilosophy: small steps

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as i push forward with writing projects and the exploration of a new genre, i’m reminded of the importance of small steps.

of course we all know the saying “rome wasn’t built in a day,” however, do we really remember that when we’re trying to learn a new skill?

switching from how-to non-fiction to memoir is an exciting shift in my writing practice. there are characters, scenes, and (gasp!) dialogue. it’s exciting, yet scary to find my way in another genre.

i’m taking heaps of classes, reading all i can get my hands on, and consistently striving to move the ball forward. but the funny thing is that i love learning about memoir and have not been as good about writing.

you know, like a yoga teacher who only wants to read about the poses, a painter who only wants to go to art museums, or a chef who simply likes to eat.

to move forward, we must practice. and then practice some more.

one thing i’m learning along this journey is that i must carefully carve out practice time. not just for all the courses i’m taking, but for the actual practice of putting pen to paper.

and it really is about all the small steps involved. sit in front of computer. type heading “chapter one.” turn off the internet. no facebook. set the timer for 20 minutes. just write.

our lives are made up of small steps. these simple moments. precious minutes of writing that turn into product on bookstore shelves. bisous. x