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a peek at my tranquility tools

happy thursday and welcome to the harvest moon. such a beautiful time of the year. my absolute favorite. 
when packing for our two months away, many asked how i would determine what to bring. i explained that the hardest part was not my clothing {that takes up one tiny drawer in lillie thanks to TranquiliT‘s compactness} but rather my stationery and desk supplies.
the photo above shows some of the chosen tools to travel with us on our journey. you’ll note an assortment of pens, my daybook, idea book, glasses, laptop, washi tape, a yummy peony candle {merci patricia}, and tea thermos in the photo. in addition i packed lots of note cards, address labels, stamps, and eau de toilette wipes from france to insert into my notes.

not shown is a bag of aromatherapy oils to sprinkle onto our aromatherapy car diffuser, plus two sweet little succulent plants, a small stack of books, two bags of my favorite teas, toiletries, indian incense, supplies for the tranquility pop-ups, le pug food and treats, and staple snacks such as raw almonds and lara bars. our tiny double bed is loaded with four pillows, a tempur-pedic mattress, egyptian cotton linens, and a sweet shabby chic ruffle quilt from target. miss lillie is loaded with creature comforts.
having a few tranquility tools within reach can always make moi comfy and at home no matter where i roam. when you think of packing for a weekend away or heading out of town for a period of time, what tranquility tools must you tote along? bisous. x