yoga mat
art journal supplies: stamps, stamp pads, acrylic paint, wax paper, collage ephemera, ruler
kindle full o’ books
tech chargers
special touches: bunting, gift bags, doilies, lavender oil, candles
expandable mesh bag for market shopping
reusable water bottle and tea thermos
 favorite tea + emergenC
tops: 2in1 chemises, vintage cardis + denim jacket, striped shirt,  
bottoms: 5 pair various leggings, palazzo pant, lounge shorts, dark denim shorts
dresses: maxi skirt, three slip dresses (removed other two in photo below)
accessories: savasana throws, faux pearls, sparkly headband, yoga socks, scarves, hat, tights
8 pair socks
10 pair underpinnings (love that word!)
embroidery needles + thread
4 pair shoes
notecards for love notes
 colored markers
 4 pairs of shoes: sparkly flats, clogs, patent wedges, puma tennies
 8 bottoms
8 tops
 4 dresses/skirts (removed bottom 2 from list)
accessories: scarves, swim trunks, hat, throws, headband, pearls
voilà., it’s off to france we go. bisous. x