Italy Top 10

Ciao from la dolce vita (the sweet life) in Italy. Here’s a piece from The Huffington Post on how to live it wherever you are.

My online time has been limited other than posts on Instagram and Facebook, so I’m delighted to be here with you today while some of the retreat group enjoys play time in Lucca.

I’m writing to share a peek into 10 top Italy experiences so far that align with the above photos:

1. Our Airbnb view of the Grand Canal in Venice

2. A gondola ride with the family at dusk

3. Views of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge

4. Colorful houses in Burano

5. Afternoon tea at the world’s oldest coffeehouse, Caffé Florinan

6. Our beautiful retreat group post-Puccini opera

7. Pool time in a pink heart floatie (I couldn’t resist!)

8. Stunning pink sunset

9. Teaching yoga in a vineyard with vistas of olive trees mountains

10. A day in Cinque Terre

There’s a few days left before we hop on a plane headed to DC and my wish is to continue the la dolce vita experience far beyond my stay in Italy. May we all find moments to slow, savor simple luxuries, and enjoy cake for breakfast. Bisous. x


  1. Jacqueline Manni says:

    I love the slow, sweet life too! Some of the ways I incorporate la dolce vita into my East Coast USA life: make as many things with my own two hands as I can (art, clothing, meals), in person conversations (over lovely beverages when possible!), lots and lots of reading books and writing longhand, long, lingering meals, good rest and sleep, lots of walking to commute (I never even learned how to drive!), yoga and meditation every day. I am Italian American and one of my most formative experiences was going to Italy and living for a few weeks with relatives. They lived so differently than we did in America, and I much preferred it (so did they — they came to America for a bit to live and came back to Italy and couldn’t take to it).

  2. Amanda Reagan says:

    I’m home these days with a new baby (Sylvia Rose) who is just a dream! Every moment (well, MOST moments! LOL) remind me of the sweetness in life. She is teaching me to savor every lovely little moment and and reminds me to soak up as much of this new mamahood life as I can because it is all very fleeting ! Spending all of my time with her every day is a constant reminder of that old adage- the days are long but the years are short! I am so grateful to her for encouraging me to have a new zest for life and <3

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