Week in Review {Pics + Links}

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Week in Review

I’m sitting fireside after a day of retreat planning for Costa Rica and Tranquility Virtual while consciously engaged in packing procrastination. Although I have a huge suitcase stuffed with ephemera, stamps, paint, and tools for art journaling in the rainforest, it’s now time to tackle my tiny personal suitcase. Since that involves laundry, toiletries, and, the hardest decision of all, which books to bring, I’m writing instead!

This week offered doses of inspiration including Jasmin Singer’s book signing at Compassion Over Killing and vegan afternoon tea at the Willard talking nonprofits, animals, and life updates with a longtime girlfriend. There was strategic planning at all-day Director’s Retreat, at home with Tim, and over tea with the Dupont Studio Director. I enjoyed the opportunity to serve clients at The Women’s Center, co-teach a 5-hour Mindfulness Urban Retreat plus my weekly Mindfulness class, and collaborate with my local seamstress on TranquiliT’s spring designs. I also chatted with a local animal sanctuary director about hosting an event: animals, yoga, community. Ooh la la, details forthcoming.

A few additional sweet moments were sprinkled throughout such as wishing Pops a happy 73rd, soaking in the tub, savoring a cupcake, announcing my first Periscope broadcast, and preparing to host next week’s Art + Asana Retreat.

Look for images and inspiration from the rainforest next week. In the interim, wishing you a soulful and playful Valentine’s Day filled with your favorite things. x

Week in Pics

  1. Morning journal, reading, planning time
  2. Afternoon tea at The Willard
  3. My vegan desserts
  4. Tea and parfum packed with love
  5. A peek at the Virtual Retreat Tranquility Toolkit
  6. Pink Palace set up for yoga video shoot
  7. Post-shoot belly rubs

Savvy Sources

More Young Women Choosing Dogs Over Motherhood
Why We Should All Take a Sabbatical
Art As Experience: Highs and Lows of Life
Sweet Christmas Sweater Pup Adopted {this story broke my heart}
DIY Vicks Shower Tablets
Jane Goodall Tells Life Story
New Generation Knitting To Relieve Stress
What Stress Does To Your Brain
The Death of the Artist and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur
The Armchair Dog Rescuer

Weekend Wish List

Date night
Finish packing
Safe travels to Costa Rica
Stuff goody bags
Launch inspiring retreat

Et toi? What’s on your weekend wish list? Bisous. x