April in Review + Resources

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You can start anew at any given moment. Life is just the passage of time and it’s up to you to pass it as you please.—Charlotte Eriksson

Month in Review

April whirred by like a high speed train with sweet stops along the way.

Last month’s experiences included the spring virtual retreat, two jaunts to the beach, a jaunt to the woods, the purchase of a Kindle to tote a portion of my library with me, a Wise Woman Wednesday feature, a jaunt to the mountains on Easter, hours of planting flowers in my patio garden, nine ballet and a few yoga classes, two podcast releases, veg week, updates to Tranquil Treasures {hope you like them!}, the struggle to make myself a priority, a Pigs & Pugs Project board meeting, the ongoing practice of tea meditation, listening to Elle Luna speak about her new book, the appreciation of many pink spring blooms including my first peony bouquet, collaboration with mentoring and therapy clients, a podcast interview on The Creative Imposter, an afternoon tea with a girlfriend, playtime in my art journal, the ongoing search for a farmette, and the release of the creativity module for Year of Tranquility.

Since selling the studio I’ve enjoyed the energetic shifts that include open weekends without the weight of responsibility. April provided space to explore how my use of time and energy aligns {and doesn’t} with my deepest desires. I hope to do continued reflection on how to shorten the gap.

As I turn my attention to May, I see opportunities for spending time with more pink blooms, learning, and writing. My wish is that we can continue this connection to blooming along with the natural world while also weeding out that which no longer allows us to grow. Bisous. x

May Wish List

Learn lots at a small farming workshop
Host inspiring Year of Tranquility Minimalism module
Take 10-12 ballet classes
Finish Animal Assisted Interventions module
Tend garden {the peas are sprouting!}
Buy peonies, peonies, peonies
Pen weekly blog posts
Release two love notes
Collaborate with mentoring and therapy clients
Designate reading and writing time
Learn lots at Duke writing program this week
Finish TranquiliT spring launch
Survive single parenting for 10 days
Enjoy Giselle ballet performance date with friend
Return to memoir writing

Savvy Sources

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