January in Review

You’ve got a chance to start out all over again. A new place, new people, new sights. A clean slate. See, you can be anything you want with a fresh start.—Annie Proulx

January in Review

Au revoir January, you were a tough one. While many wonderful things happened such as launching Year of Tranquility and adopting Gizmo, it felt like I wasn’t able to settle into the month. You know, like a snow globe all shaken up and instead of the flakes falling to the bottom, they continually swirl.

Between Gizmo’s cancer diagnosis and surgery, a 26-hour drive to and from St. Louis, a weekend jaunt to Seattle, assorted disappointments, and teaching multiple workshops and classes, my energy never quite recovered.

While musing in my journal last week, I realized I hadn’t exercised in way too long and had been eating poorly. Duh, of course I was feeling yucky! That evening I carved out space for a yoga class and returned to more salads and smoothies. I won’t say I’m 100%, but I am feeling better.

It seems that January had that affect on so many people (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post). At times like this, it can be good to return to the basics. Are we eating right? Are we exercising? Are we sleeping? Are we hydrated? Yes, the very basics!

January did offer multiple treats from celebrating 14 years with Tim, to meeting with friends in Seattle, to returning to ballet after a four-year sabbatical, to hosting TDJ Live, to having Mom out to watch the pups, to collaborating with clients after having been away the last week in December, to seeing brightly-colored tulips, to loving the group who joined Year of Tranquility, to scheduling The Last Pig film screening and Yoga + the Animals, to releasing two podcasts, to finishing two books, to picking up those great magazines shown above, to taking a plant hanger macrame class, to seeing the Sylvia Plath exhibit downtown, to tea dates with friends, to receiving the sweetest custom pink socks of Gizmo.

So, as you can see, I have a lot to be happy about and I’m not intending to complain. It’s more of an observation that the month felt energetically heavy despite the beautiful experiences. You with me?

I’m overall grateful for what January offered and, yet, I’m so looking forward to a brand new month filled with possibility (and Costa Rica sunshine mixed with papaya). Here’s to the chance to start again. And again.

By the way, did you  see last night’s moon?! Bisous. x

February Wish List

Host an inspiring retreat in Costa Rica
Savor Carla Bruni concert
Complete two weekends of Positive Psychology training
Host inspiring second month of Year of Tranquility
Sell lots of tickets for our first Pigs & Pugs event: The Last Pig film screening
Finalize TranquiliT spring collection
Release two podcasts
Collaborate with mentoring and therapy clients
Catch up on Positive Psychology training videos
Dive deeper into Veterinary Social Work program
Read Woman-Powered Farm
Keep looking for formats
Get Gizmo healthy
Work on the “6 Magic Hours” with Tim

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