week in review

love notes
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scene from wednesday’s creativity circle

week in review
finished final MSW paper of semester
2 MSW classes
taught 3 yoga classes
took 2 yoga classes
slept tons (one 14-hr night)
finalized details on tranquility summer camp
chatted with designer for new kimberlywilson.com website
met with facilitator for upcoming manager retreat
organized files in studio office
led week 6 of creativity circle
dinner date with girlfriend
taught 3-hour workshop in richmond
hosted trunk show in richmond
prep for trunk show in arlington
tranquil space arlington teacher gathering
made reservations at pure for tranquil space teachers’ 10-year anniversary nyc jaunt
note to tranquilologie subscribers re: facebook group
bank meeting
earth day sale TranquiliT shipping
may tranquilologie writing (out may 1)
heaps of hot baths
grief counseling 
greeted guests + spoke at tranquil space foundation‘s lunafest
set up manager retreat session at do-good summit
 heaps of weather watching for sunday’s pigs adventure
tea date with former team member in town from paris
podcast interview with eric maisel on rethinking depression
weekend wishlist
  finish 2012 sketchbook project
read, read, read
savor a gifted massage (merci, jessica)
sleep, nap, sleep
work on semi-sabbatical strategic plan
heaps of writing 
monthly catch up with britt bravo
post inspiring podcast with victoria moran on new book main street vegan
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x