week in review

love notes
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week in review
1 gym jaunt
4 yoga classes
 4-hour mindfulness-based stress reduction workshop
hosted 3-hour advanced teacher training session
4 mentoring sessions
2 dinner dates with friends
paris + provence retreat reminders
3 teacher check-ins
soaks in the tub
glasses of riesling
jaunt to teaism
date night with le beau
manager brunch at founding farmers
taught hip hop yoga workshop
taught 5 yoga classes
secondhand shopping
prepped speech for team hollydaze fete sharing 2011 highlights
guest post on creative every day
purchased books for spring school semester
penned post of tranquility gift ideas
meeting with budgeting consultant
monthly chat with britt bravo
end of year TranquiliT inventory
danced into the wee hours (ok, midnight)
picked up heaps of stocking stuffers
organized office
surprised manager for birthday
adopted oscarina the orangutan for friend
 donned a vintage sparkly caftan (was told i looked like merlin the wizard)
start of end of year charity donations: mercy for animals + farm sanctuary
 finalization of construction proposal for tranquil space fireplace = yay
prep for new tranquil space e-course (launching february 1)

weekend wishlist
friday night dinner date with friend
teach + take yoga on christmas eve
welcOMe yogis to tranquil space on christmas eve
fireside reading + relaxing with family at cabin
warm welcOMe to parents driving in from oklahoma
start year in review process
gift giving

et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist?
happy, happy hollydaze. may it be merry and bright.
bisous. x