week in review

love notes
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week in review
 2 yoga classes
1 dance class
3 gym jaunts
taught 1 yoga class
picked up stargazer lilies + tulips
hours of paper writing
posted tranquility du jour tv handmade hollydaze episode 
hosted tranquil hollydaze teleclass
cuddled (aka smothered) le pug
marilyn movie + bookstore browsing with le beau
 tranquil space e-course brunch
baked own kashi pizza (oui, it was frozen, but still!)
pigs board conference call
meeting on next year’s MSW internship
 reunion with former MSW interns
lit oodles of candles + peppermint oil diffuser
heaps of marketing material efforts for various businesses
organization of new TS labs space
tori amos concert 
TranquiliT shipping
launched week 2 of tranquility project e-course
soaks in the tub
hung more hollyday twinkle lights
weekend wishlist
host beloved pals from montreal at le beau’s cabin
fireside moments + belly laughs with pals
sunday eve yoga
post inspiring podcast on friendship with dr. andrea bonior
sunday eve paper writing 
deep breaths

et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist? 
bisous. x