week in review

love notes
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 fancy fatty feline indulging fireside

week in review
construction began on studio third floor for TS labs
taught 3 yoga classes
took 4 yoga classes
assisted 1 yoga class
2 mentoring sessions
spoke at dupont rotary club
jazz dance class
shipped heaps of TranquiliT plus giveaway
1 hr MSW presentation on environmental context in leadership
finalized latest TranquiliT lookbook
hosted 3-hr living your yoga workshop in richmond
lots of fire + candle burning
date night with le beau
carefully crafted pigs page . . . twice – first one didn’t save
manager meetings
podcasts for paris retreaters
posted podcast with leah piken kolidas
teacher check-ins
meetings with contractor
green friday promo for TranquiliT (deets next week)
lots of snuggle time with louis the pug
meeting with professor regarding final paper
artist date to miss pixies in search of perfect piece for boutique
weekend wishlist
poplar springs vegan potluck where turkeys eat first
visit to pigs to see walter
announce tranquility du jour toolkit for the hollydaze
prep for final e-course of the year: tranquility project
read kindle + write musings fireside at le beau’s cabin
post video featuring weekend jaunts
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x
2 favorite boys during fall stroll