week in review

love notes
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tea time
 pet snuggle time
 handmade bunting by mama wilson at arlington studio
 april dreams penning process
 image + how-to courtesy of deliciously ella
raw vegan energy balls we’re making for tomorrow’s TranquiliT pop-up
 week in review
taught 5 yoga classes
took 2 barre classes
took 1 yoga class
napped, read, napped all of saturday
finalized date for tranquil space foundation meeting
doga flier
hosted women’s group
hosted tea with mary catherine starr
social work meetings
strategic planning sessions with friend and le beau
call with programming director
call with girlfriend to set play dates
savored unexpected snowfall
TranquiliT fabric orders
green juice savoring
shipped books and daybooks
update to team re: spring collection
mani pedi
member invites for special event
read heaps of wild
took a vulnerability writing workshop
interview with jaime of save the kales
heaps of biking around town on pink bike
soaks in the tub
weekend wishlist
turn the pink palace into a mini boutique experience
date night and downtime with le beau
brunch + le week-end matinee with girlfriend
hair cut and color
release podcast
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x