week in review

love notes
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week in review
2.5 hrs MSW
5 yoga classes
1 gym jaunt
tranquility du jour museletter
pigs animal sanctuary board meeting
manager meetings
heaps of paris + provence art + yoga retreat final touches
fed animal crackers to walter the pig + fellow sanctuary animals
sewed vintage lace skirt
chat with consultant/dear friend on fall team retreat
hair highlights
hot pink mani
train to west virginia (delayed 2 hours = ordered 5 used books on amazon)
art journal supply shopping 
watched martha stewart’s women with vision
laughter-filled dinner w/ college girlfriend
penned cooling down post
scheduled yoga + creativity workshop at yoga tree on october 9
extended soaks in tub
shipped heaps of thank yous + TranquiliT packages
created retreat collages 
finalized confirmations for art + yoga west virginia retreat
hosted living your yoga workshop
weekend wishlist
co-host informative teacher training tea at arlington studio
fun teacher practice + meetings
support teacher training mentee at thesis presentation (go kelly!)
tea + secondhand shopping date with carolyn
claudine hellmuth podcast interview
post podcast interview with jamie nast on idea mapping
complete summer school class exam
spoil sir louis the pug
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist?
bisous. x