week in review

love notes
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swing by tranquil space sunday-saturday to pick up your wildflower seeds
week in review
began summer school = clinical social work for adults
saw pops’ new pond
hung with 98-year-old gramma
woke up at 4am for 7am flight back to dc
got a mani
heaps o’ paperwork
oodles of email catch up
7 teacher sub auditions = 3.5 hrs of yoga
annual manager review
manager meetings
TranquiliT shipping
prep for front desk team retreat
art journaling galore
made plans to visit vegas girlfriend in june AND attend poison/motley crew concert (oh my!)
 was informed that tranquilista is coming out in chinese
prep to launch tranquil space guerilla gardening movement
DIY video interview of bits of thread owner
teacher training meeting
dc yoga week schedule prep
met pittsburgh blog reader (yay alexis!)
sent heaps of thank yous for tokens of kindness received
delivered tons of toiletries to n street village

weekend wishlist
host inspiring front desk team retreat
host inspiring doga in the park
collaborate on hosting a clothing swap
photograph new vintage and reclaimed finds for TranquiliT
set sewing dates with owner of bits of thread
have date night with le beau
look for nyc apartment for week in august 
et toi? what’s on your weekend wishlist? x