week in review

love notes
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all smiles at team holiday fete
lap sharing moment
carolers stopped by the studio
le pug heading home from the vet
week in review
 took 5 teacher audition classes
taught 5 classes
biked 10 miles
gym jaunt
social work supervision session
part-time work at the women’s center
saw a christmas carol at ford’s theatre
writing consultation session
vet with le pug
team member review
team movie night at tranquil space
hair cut/color/curl
hosted tranquil space team holiday party at elizabeth’s gone raw
coordinated awards for team holiday party
daybook shipping parties
 daylong mindfulness retreat
doctor’s appointment
tracked heaps of packages
italy retreat confirmation edits
weekend wish list
santa pic for le pug
teach team yoga class
date with girlfriend
host mentoring session
writing group date at the national cathedral
pen thank-yous
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list? 
bisous. x