week in review

love notes
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loved the yellow leaves
savored a pink sprinkle donut
explored writing story structure
mohonk mountain house at sunset
adored the little dancer
week in review
saw the little dancer at the kennedy center {highly recommend}
biked to and from the above artist date
train to poughkeepsie, new york
5-day writers’ retreat
sunset hike with le beau
met a group of amazing writers
hours of anthology efforts + edits
sat fireside
savored tea + cookie hour
basked in the fall foliage vista
soaked in the tub
picked up le pug from his grandparents
daybook edits to designer
drive back to dc from the catskills
extended anthology pre-sale offer through november 10
catch-up call with parents
overnight in harrisburg, penn on halloween
fell in love with white bean soup
weekend wish list
learn lots at yogananda film
make tuscan kale and white bean soup {omg, i’m cooking!}
get organized post-week away
savor 6-hour mindfulness-based stress reduction daylong
reconnection time with pets
pen november dreams
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x