week in review

love notes
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 our heart windows featuring names of studio members {done by marlies + susanne}
 le pug + teddy on snow day
 jackson cezanne after a bit too much cat nip
 art journal playtime
 kitten hearts yarn
 snowga savasana
in between time at starbucks with a real book
 week in review
taught 5 yoga classes
took 3 yoga classes
took 2 barre classes
took 1 ballet class
took 1 burlesque class
follow-up note with dates for next programming meetings
taught tranquil space foundation charity class
hosted first writing lab at tranquil space
prep for upcoming 4-week e-course, the tranquility project {starts 3/5}
penned + mailed glittery love notes
vegan pizza double date
watched 1.5 documentaries with le beau
finished natalie goldberg’s old friend from far away
signed up for 4 days of psychotherapy networker conference
happy birthday call to pops
edited 24 days o’ tranquility document
meeting with social work advisor
weekend reading time at starbucks and a real book
meeting with social work colleague
art journal date with girlfriend
travel to and from nyc for 3-hour memoir writing class
requested input on ideas for celebration of tranquility du jour’s 10 years
weekend wish list
get my hair did
send love note to museletter subscribers
four podcast interviews
brunch + documentary matinee with girlfriend
host brainstorming brunch with friend for tranquil space 15-year celebration
TranquiliT newsletter prep
burlesque class
release podcast filled with inspiration {episode #305}
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list? 
bisous. x