week in review

love notes
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meeting jackson cezanne wilson mooney
 le pug dolled up for event {note sideways bow tie}
 jackson exploring new scratching post while le pug looks on
most daybooks arrived this week and shipped today, rest shipping monday
 daybook ephemera packing station
 peonies spotted at whole foods
 creative space organized
 le chat noir loves the head of my laptop keyboard
 jackson meeting our studio directors marlies and alyson 
darling new tee design {+ tranquilologie reminder} 

week in review
adopted the most handsome kitten in the universe {e-intro coming}
donated 10 bags of clothing and stuff to charity
decluttered and organized closet, drawers, creative space + entertaining supplies
took 1 yoga class
3 gym jaunts
taught 4 classes, 2 workshops {hip hop yoga + living your yoga}
movie night {let the fire burn} with le beau + friend
matinee {the great beauty} + brunch with friend
hosted tranquility tour tea + recorded 300th podcast {releasing sunday}
interviewed lauren on giving {podcast #301}
meeting on enhancing studio newsletter
sent note to tranquilologie purchasers 
packaged heaps of daybook ephemera packets
savored soaks in the tub
sipped many green juices
edited costa rica retreat confirmation
TranquiliT production coordination with seamstress
private session with teacher
shared skinny on handmade hollydaze
secured spot in monday memoir writing class in nyc
set up nyc travel arrangements
finalized tee design {see above}
dreamed up new e-course {deets coming next week}
penned christmas letter skinny for mama wilson
facetimed online meeting of jackson + parents
{remaining} weekend wish list
organize paperwork
cuddle kitten
teach inspiring workshop {biz of yoga}
plan week’s MIT’s
warm by the fire
soak in the tub
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x