week in review

love notes
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 zebra print mat for hip hop yoga
 beloved bonnard
 getting needled
 move over riesling, i’ve met sancerre
 art journal play time
 gorg garden at our arlington studio
 amazing new windows by these lovely ladies at our dupont studio
sunday evening
my first fiction book in years gifted by a dear friend
week in review
taught 1 workshop + 1 yoga class
took 2 workshops and 3 yoga classes
sweet write-up by pal lara blair of modern prairie girl
feature in in the capital on “a day in the life”
tea with girlfriend
dinner with girlfriend
full-time care for sick kitty
hosted mentoring sessions
mailed online orders
art journal play date
lunch date with girlfriend
final, final tranquilologie edits and sent to printer
penned + mailed heaps of thank yous + goodies
tea with rep from PCRM
announced chariTea + coordinated speaker/music logistics
lots of facetime with le beau
got word that the amazing gene baur of farm sanctuary will be speaking at my chariTea {yay!}
completed 10-day detox and spilled the beans
updates to tranquil space foundation team
TranquiliT restock to studio
many naps + scattered sleep
meeting with studio director
prep for hosting teacher tea party {making macarons!}
 grief processing re: kitty
weekend wish list
say final goodbyes to beloved bonnard
brunch with girlfriend
afternoon play followed by tea with friends
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?