week in review

love notes
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you’re invited x

week in review
hosted 8 lovely ladies for art + yoga retreat
decorated + then undecorated cabins
paris 2013 sold out: 8 spots left for provence
started online writing course with joshua fields millburn
savored strolls in the woods with le pug
indulged in a deep tissue massage
mentoring call 
conference call
celebrated louis’ 8th birthday
shared signature style home books
travel to + from west virginia
thank yous + pics to retreaters
taught 3 yoga classes
hosted creativity circle
20 hours of amtrak internship
showcased things i love: repurposed fashion
showcased 2 fall petals from seasonal podcast on facebook page
2 MSW classes
check in with mindfulness program leader
prep for saturday’s sustainable pop up shop
granny square crochet fun with lauren
took 1 yoga class
1 gym jaunt
biked 12 miles
penned internship learning plan + early assessment
soaks in the tub
edited tranquilologie chapters
penned meatless monday: minestrone soup
got new dress a day in the mail = excited!
studio director meeting
weekend wish list
host festive sustainable pop up shop
teach resourceful living your yoga workshop
get new glasses and prescription at eye doctor
relay great work of tranquil space foundation at studio team retreat
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x