week in review

love notes
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artwork created during class at collage
week in review
2 yoga classes
penned + released summer love note
flew to and from portland
world domination summit
tea date with lara
tea date with arwa
tea date with michelle
 lunch at farmer’s market with beau, jen + ana
susannah conway book event at kelly rae roberts‘ studio
many evenings browsing at powell’s
vintage shopping for TranquiliT’s vintage/reclaimed collection
penned things i love
posted podcast featuring mary catherine starr
seasonal allergy attack = slept 17 hours straight courtesy of allergy meds
washingtonian food post feature
launched tranquilista lifestyle e-course
ran into canadian pal from mexico retreat at collage (small world)
lunch + dinner dates with le beau’s brother + wife
penned tranquilosophy: on my mind
took basic collage workshop at collage
sent mp3 to mentoring client
prep for tonight’s seasonal podcast
prep for tonight’s living your yoga workshop
read half of this i know by susannah conway
purchased becoming a life change artist
snapped lots of pictures of portland flowers
happy snuggles with le pug + bonnard. missed them!
browsed through scrap = genius biz idea

weekend wish list
host inspiring mentoring sessions
photograph new finds for vintage/relcaimed 
release inspiring seasonal podcast
organize chez moi post-travels
prep for tranquility summer camp (2 spots left)
 host inspiring living your yoga session
yoga classes + gym jaunts
soak in the tub

 et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x